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2012 Beijing SMS Eve


What we human beings see, hear, touch,smell, and even think, all of these are information. Useful information always need to be recorded. However, nobody likes  overelaborate content when he views recorded information. So  a brilliant record method full of short but unbroken content is what people are after all the time.

For instance,  if people record  geo informationdown on a small piece of paper, then the paper is called “a map”. This is such a good way of simplifying information without losing necessary detail.

In my opinion, recording  is an action of translating information from its original space to the space of media. In accent time,  people translate geo information from this  wide  real world to a flat space of paper to make maps.  In contemporary society, we have much more intelligent transform called  Fourier transform. Fourier, a great Mathematician who found an extreme way of  translating and simplifying information from one space to another. He enables human beings to translate information to any possible digital space in a very elegant way for reading.

As an artist, I cooperated with a programmer and an expert of data analysis to transform short messages from space of mobile networks to city space to explore this kind of  possibility and elegance brought by Fourier.

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